Ghost Recon Online 1.29.6478.1

Game installer that includes full access to online team play

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Ghost Recon Online, now officially called Ghost Recon Phantoms, is an online multiplayer tactical shooter based on player-versus-player matches. The game is one of the latest iterations in the Ghost Recon franchise that has been around for well over a decade. The game is large and takes some time to install. The high-quality graphics in the game require a computer with a modern graphics card and a good processor. Playing on an older system leads to lag and low frame rates. There is a voice chat system built into the game that players will want to become familiar with using.

Players can choose to be one of three classes when starting the game. These are Assault, Specialist and Recon. The classes focus on dealing damage, providing support and staying hidden respectively. Recon classes are most similar to snipers while assault players are like tanks. Each class has special abilities like being able to raise a shield around nearby allies. Ghost Recon Online includes a wide range of different weapons, upgrades and support items. Players need to complete training missions before be allowed to take part in formal multiplayer matches.

Ghost Recon Online uses a lobby system to generate matches. Players can be picked up to join a room by others. It is only possible to invite three friends, however. Matches are between two teams of eight players each. An automatic matchmaking system usually fills empty slots based on the experience and skill of players in the lobby. The maps are not overly large. Teams generally start closer to each other than in other tactical shooters. The maps are not one of the best features of the game. There are only a handful of maps available and most players will be repeating the same exact map across multiple consecutive matches.

The actual matches are fun and strategic in most cases. They are not designed to be the kind of shoot and run experience found in other multiplayer arena games. Players spend time finding and using cover. The game rewards teamwork at every turn. Something unique is that players are rewarded the most for completing mission objects like holding a point on a map. The rewards for just killing other players are not good. This encourages more team-based play and strategy. Only two game modes exist and both focus on earning points by completing primary objectives.

Unfortunately, there are problems with Ghost Recon Online. There is little balance when making teams. It is possible to face eight snipers with a team of nothing but specialists. Additionally, a micro-transaction cash shop is available that can put powerful weapons in the hands of low-level players early on. Another issue is that some players do not want to work as a team. This can end the match early especially for new players. A final issue is that it can take a long time to find a match. Ghost Recon is a quality game although it still needs to have some bugs worked out.


  • Good graphics
  • Highly tactical team-based play
  • Good selection of weapons and classes


  • Poorly balanced matches
  • Servers are not always active
  • Maps become monotonous quickly

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